How the signs react at the onset of a zombie apocalypse

Aries: Goes to live in the mountains in the hope that zombies freeze.
Taurus: Goes to loot the nearest hardware store to arm and prepare themselves to fight.
Gemini: Gets a large group together of friends and family and establishes a "safe" gated community.
Cancer: Goes back inside and hides under a blanket with all the lights off.
Leo: Doesn't believe that zombies exist, despite indisputable video footage and survivor accounts.
Virgo: Starts running. They don't know to where and they don't take anything with them; they just go and don't stop.
Libra: Tries to convince everyone that zombies are "just misunderstood."
Scorpio: Boards up all windows and doors to their house after stocking with provisions and hides alone.
Sagittarius: Attempts to study zombies in the field and gets infected in the process.
Capricorn: Covers self in duct tape and cardboard armor, making it impossible to be bitten and infected.
Aquarius: Stocks a large sailboat with equipment and provisions and sails for the horizon.
Pisces: Pilots a stocked submarine filled with total strangers in order to escape.
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